Who are we?


Our Circle has been together since 2011 and is formed of a small group people that sit weekly with the intention of allowing Spirit people to communicate in some way that can be physical recognised by everyone present, at the same time.

The friends that form the Circle haven’t always been there – people come and go as life demands. But there is always a designated Circle Leader and a designated Medium, that is, the person through which the Spirit people will effect their communication.

We meet at a private residential address in Sussex, UK, once a week. We do not seek fame or fortune from our meetings. No money is ever exchanged. We simply wish for honest and genuine contact from friends, family and loved ones that have passed to Spirit.

We all come from different back grounds, but are all ‘professional’ people in that we have ‘day jobs’, although some of us are supposed to be retired now! Some of us are parents, some are grandparents. The point I mean to make is that we all have our daily responsibilities and have bills to pay, and as much as we’d all love to spend all our time in Circle, life demands otherwise. This position allows for a much needed balance in what we do.

Sometimes we have friends of the Circle visit us as guests, and occasionally, someone has found us – for whatever reason the connection to Spirit was needed. But generally, the same people meet each week.

The regular energy that our Circle generates is needed to allow the Circle to develop safely and steadily, but it is the harmony between us that creates the most useful tool for the Spirit people in their work.

The old saying – it is quality, not quantity that counts, could never be more true for what we do.