What do we do?


What we do may sound a little strange if you are not engaged in some way with mediumship. Many people have heard about, or know about clairvoyant mediumship, but not too many people know about physical mediumship.

Our Circle wishes for evidential physical communication from the Spirit world. Whilst it is lovely to receive evidential messages through clairvoyance, there is something very special about being able to hear the actual voice of those that have transitioned back to the Spirit world and in rare cases, to actually see the person.

To enable this form of mediumship the conditions of the room that the Circle sits in must be fully compliant with the wish of the Spirit Team. The team is formed of many spirit people, such as scientists and those that were mediums whilst ‘alive’ on earth.

We use a room dedicated for the purpose of the work we do. The windows of the room are permanently ‘blacked out’ in order to prevent any sudden light from penetrating the room so the lighting conditions can be controlled. Our Medium currently sits within a ‘cabinet’, which is formed of a converted wardrobe – the doors have been removed and a curtain fitted that can opened and closed on request. We can sit in complete darkness if required, but also have a red light that is turned on and off as Spirit require. Whilst in the complete darkness, the Circle members generally report many things going on, such as luminous spirit lights and energy formations.

Our shared goal with the Spirit Team is that evidential physical phenomena is effected. We have not dictated how that should happen, or what it is exactly we want to see, or hear. We simply have this outcome in mind when we sit, and have dedicated ourselves to the journey that it is unfolding week by week. The aim is for everyone to see or hear the same thing, at the same time.

Sitting Etiquette

All involved in our sittings follow these basic guidelines which are designed to ensure the safety of the medium and the validity of what is witnessed and experienced:

Sitters leave all personal possessions outside of the séance room. This includes jewellery, watches, money, phones etc. The land line telephone of the building is turned off, and the doors are locked.

We remove our footwear before entering the séance room.

We take a drink of water into the room in case of a cough or dry throat during the séance in a sports top plastic bottle. We try not to move around too much as sudden movement can disrupt the flow of energy to the medium resulting in their unwellness. Larger movements are only permitted after seeking permission from the Circle Leader.

When inside the room we sit in the position offered. Once seated, it is not permitted to change places. We do not stand up or move around during the séance (unless the spirit team request otherwise). If we need to adjust our sitting position slightly, we do so slowly and with as little movement as possible, and only after seeking permission from the Circle Leader.

Permission to move during the sitting for any reason is sought by the Circle Leader directly to the spirit team. If no answer is received, then movement is not permitted. This is so for the safety of the medium.

We sit in an alert manner during the séance. Sitting in a trance state is not permitted in our circle. Sitters are with us to offer energetic support to the designated medium and spirit team, and it is essential they remain alert in order to receive any offered guidance of instruction, and to act as witness to any phenomena that might become demonstrated during the séance.

We sit quietly for the duration of the first piece of music played in the sitting. This allows the designated spirit team to assess and blend the energies within the room as is most effective for demonstration.

Singing is permitted and welcomed during the sitting. We are, however, not to clap hands, stamp feet or whistle along to the music. If we do not know the words to a song, we simply hum along!

The Circle Leader is the first to welcome each spirit visitor into the space. Often during our sittings communicating spirit visitors invite questions from sitters. If this opportunity is offered we ask any question that comes to mind.

Within some séances energy lights may be seen and soft physical touches felt. Often ‘clouds’ may be witnessed or energetic ‘fizzy’ lights seen. All these things are natural spiritual phenomena. We are to enjoy what we witness, but it imperative that we do not reach out to touch!

The spirit team are normally the ones to call time. When this has been done, all sitters remain quiet and still until the designated medium has returned to full consciousness. The circle is then closed, and all leave the room.

What is witnessed is then discussed by all.

Our sittings are recorded by a small hand held digital dictaphone.