September 2018

After a frustratingly delayed return to the cabinet, our meetings have finally started up again, kicking off with a one-to-one sitting with the Medium and the Circle Leader. This wasn’t the intention of the Circle (this side of life!), but on reflection, it was much needed from Spirit Side – a gentle ease back into things to allow for our Circle to become firmly re-established after the passing of Travis back in July. However, this is not to say that a ‘quiet’ sitting was had, in fact, it was quite the opposite, with many well known Spirit friends popping in to say hello:

Our main Spirit communicator came forward soon after the customary two opening pieces of music had finished playing, and after saying hello, requested that the low red light was turned off. Soon after, the Circle Leader reported seeing shapes within a luminescent misty energy, that had formed in front of the cabinet.

The red light was then turned back on at Spirits request, and the cabinet curtains were opened, where after a succession of recognised Spirit visitors joined with the Medium to show their faces, over the face of the Medium, whose own facial features were not visible, as if behind a layer of thick of energy. The Spirit visitors included the Brother and Grand Father of the Circle Leader.

The Spirit Team were also able to ‘change’ the appearance of the Mediums’ hands by shrinking the size and altering the shape, in order for the Circle Leader to recognise their Mother in a way that is ‘personal’ to them.

The distinct smell of jasmine was also reported within the room. This scent was created by the Spirit Team, and again, evidenced the presence of  a Spirit visitor to the Circle Leader in a ‘personal’ way.

The Circle look forward to the next few weeks where we will be joined by our good friend from the Bristol Spirit Lodge!





July 2018

Well it’s been a long few weeks of scrubbing floor boards, painting and decorating, but the new home of the Circle is very nearly ready. The Circle have continued to meet at the ‘right time’ each week, and managed to have a ‘light’ sitting in the new space a few weeks ago.

There’s still a little more to do in the room before we have exactly as we need it, which mainly concerns the the ‘black out’ arrangement (always a fiddly job!), and the cabinet, which is mostly sorted bar the front curtain.

Whilst sorting the room, we have been reminded of the all the loveliness that has gone into its creation – We have a new trumpet! This has been hand made by very close friends and will now take its place in the room alongside the original, and much loved, trumpet of the Mercury Circle (Thank you xxx):


And we also have a new handmade light box! Although we haven’t met the lovely man (Terry Parry) who made it, we had lots of contact with his (also lovely) Granddaughter, who couldn’t have been more polite and helpful – thank you to you both!!


If you are in need of a light box for your Seance room (!) then I would not hesitate to recommend you get in touch with Terry at the following link:


March 2018

The sitting started in full blackout with music playing in the background to help build up the energies. After a few minutes a few communicators all said ‘hello’. Our main communicator said that there were many wanting to speak and they had been told to form an orderly queue! Soon after, the main communicator officially welcomed everyone present.

Another regular communicator then said “they are all here at the same time – so many all at once wanting to come – they can all hear you.  That is the one thing you must always remember – they can always hear you even if you cannot hear them – they hear you…”

Questions were then invited from our main communicator:

Q: How did the Universe begin?

 A: “…I do not have the answer. I only know that there is more than just ‘us’, here in this energetic existence.”

Q: Why is there suffering?

A:  “That is a many branched question.  It is (partly) to do with the contract entered into (designed) before a person was born into this physical world…although the suffering seems so terrible it has been designed into the physical world for learning and experience. Great love and experience is needed to undertake this contract.”

Q:  How do I stay well?

A: “…any illness you feel is directly related to your energy being.  Learn to cleanse your energy. Learn to ground yourself and to balance, and centre yourself.”

Q: How do you balance and centre your energy?

A: “Imagine a very strong Oak Tree – What does a strong Oak Tree have? Roots – how deep do these roots go – what is the strongest root? – There is a central root to any tree…it penetrates deep down into the earth, to a greater depth than any of the other roots before they spread.

I would say to you – be a tree! ….send your grounding down into the earth …deep, deep, deep down into the earth….anchor yourself. Align yourself with that connection – that root.

Now imagine a pole if you will. A pole that enters the centre of your head…down through the crown chakra location, penetrating downwards, through your feet, and into the earth. Imagine yourself being stabilised by that pole.

In time you will find that you will ‘feel’ your energetic self in relation to your physical body and you will know whether or not your energetic self is off centre/ unbalanced/misaligned.

You may feel it (your energetic body) slightly to the left or right, or front or back of your physical body. You can consciously bring it (your energetic self) to realign with your physical body, so that one fits inside the other like a perfect glove.  When the two are aligned, your health will be improved.”

The communicator then guided the sitters through an energetic exercise to bring their energetic selves into alignment with their physical bodies. The sitters reported feeling ‘complete’ and ‘together in the most down to earth way’, and some have consequently adopted the exercise into their daily routines.

The communicator then departed, and the sitters continued to sing and hum along to the music. During this time, in the 100% black out, the sitters reported seeing energy emanating from the base of the trumpet set up in the centre of the room, and various coloured energy and spirit lights. At one particular point, pink and blue lights were seen by some sitters. Another sitters wasn’t too sure if they were seeing these lights, and also thought they might be seeing shapes forming in the darkness. Shortly afterwards the room darkened considerably which was commented on by all the sitters. A communicator then spoke, and said “so what does this show you?” which made the sitters realise that they had indeed been seeing ‘something’ (lights, and shapes?) in the darkness.

Sometime after, Spirit requested that the red light was to be turned on and that the cabinet curtains were to be opened. The red light was introduced slowly, concluding in full red light, clearly showing the medium seated in the cabinet.

During this time different faces were seen over the mediums face, but not recognised. The mediums hands were also seen to move from the lap area to across the torso. At first, the fingers appeared to be minute, like a young child, and then the fingers suddenly expanded and took on the appearance of a large grown man. The arms of the medium (unclothed) then appeared to suddenly expand as if the person had a manual job that used up a great deal of physical energy to build up muscles etc*.

Soon after our main communicator re-appeared and called time on the sitting, and closed the circle, after c. 1.5hrs, by wishing us all well.

The medium returned after some time, their normal size and shape ‘restored’!

*The Medium is most certainly not built like a heavyweight boxer!


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