May 2018 – Voices of Spirit

The seance this week lasted approximately 1hour. This represents a shorter than normal sitting time. The seance was conducted in complete black out for the duration and music was played in the back ground.

During the sitting, healing was given by a regularly visiting Native American. He said the healing energy had been given from the universe. During his chanting, one sitter described seeing two shafts of lights emerging from the cabinet towards the sitter receiving the healing.

The sitter to which the healing was directed reported feeling a great sense of peace during and after the healing and felt that strain on their eyes (due to a period of intense period of work) had been eased. This sitter also reported feeling a boost of energy during the sitting after feeling very tired during the day.

Another sitter reported that their general day to day aches had been eased during this healing session and notes that they would usually feel uncomfortable after a sustained period of remaining still (which is often required in circle), but on this occasion, they felt comfortable to remain still throughout the sitting.

As the séance progressed, the sitters were asked for a further period of silence (for the length of two songs). Two sitters reported feeling a huge build up of energy in their hands during this time, likened to the feeling of an energy ball. This was realised after the sitting had finished when chatting about what had been experienced.

In addition to the healing that was given, several ‘new to the circle’ visitors made their presence known to the sitters. We’d like to present a small sample of these differing voices.

The following four voices that can be heard in these audio clips are presented/affected through the same singularly designated medium of the circle i.e. the same person*. Initially, coughing sounds, as the internal voice box is being constructed and then manipulated to produce the different voices, can be heard. The voices emerge from these sounds. Music is played in the back ground at this stage. The audio files are best listened to through head phones.

As the Medium is a developing Medium, they fully acknowledge that there is likely to be some degree of influence of their mind in these early stage communications, but they feel confident that there is enough Spirit content within these communications to validate the presence of Spirit, alongside the obvious voice change.

  • The Native American heard in this clip is not the healer as described above.


February 2018

The Medium was seated in the cabinet with the curtains fully drawn closed at the start of the sitting which began in total blackout, with music playing in the background.  There was total silence for the first tune to allow the Medium to go into a trance state, followed by humming or singing to the various tunes that followed.

After 10 minutes, a Spirit Friend of the group for some 20 plus years made himself known and answered personals questions from a sitter who reported feeling unwell following a massage given during a trip away.  After a few minutes another Spirit Friend of a perhaps 10/12 years took over commenting upon the same question.  This Spirit Friend speaks to us as a young boy of around 12 years of age although he passed over 100 years or so ago. He prefers to talk to us as a Young Lad!

The sitters then heard loud chanting for a few minutes followed by more answers on the same question from another Spirit visitor presenting as a Native American Indian. This new communicator, continuing on the same subject, also added that the sitter who had asked the personal question regarding the feeling of unwellness, and their partner, had now been fully cleansed*. The explanation of the discomfort had been explained fully. The sitters thanked the visitor for his assistance and he left.

A few minutes later we were asked to put the red light on, and then a few minutes later we are told to open the curtains of the cabinet so that the Medium could be seen. Once the sitters eyes became adjusted to the lighting it was possible to see numerous faces overshadowing the Mediums’ face and torso for perhaps 1 or 2 seconds at a time.  The sitters saw many regular faces appear including a flamboyant entertainer known to the sitters for some 15 years.

During this period the hands of the medium started to move firstly rising from their lap outwards to show a pair of ‘very ‘dainty’ hands, and then the hands changed shape to reveal fingers twice the normal size.

After approximately 75 minutes, the main communicator came and told the sitters that the evening was now closing, gave everyone his best wishes and said farewell.

*after the seance, the sitter who was told that they had been ‘cleared’ reported feeling ‘much better’ as if a ‘mist had been lifted’ from around them.

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