September 2018

After a frustratingly delayed return to the cabinet, our meetings have finally started up again, kicking off with a one-to-one sitting with the Medium and the Circle Leader. This wasn’t the intention of the Circle (this side of life!), but on reflection, it was much needed from Spirit Side – a gentle ease back into things to allow for our Circle to become firmly re-established after the passing of Travis back in July. However, this is not to say that a ‘quiet’ sitting was had, in fact, it was quite the opposite, with many well known Spirit friends popping in to say hello:

Our main Spirit communicator came forward soon after the customary two opening pieces of music had finished playing, and after saying hello, requested that the low red light was turned off. Soon after, the Circle Leader reported seeing shapes within a luminescent misty energy, that had formed in front of the cabinet.

The red light was then turned back on at Spirits request, and the cabinet curtains were opened, where after a succession of recognised Spirit visitors joined with the Medium to show their faces, over the face of the Medium, whose own facial features were not visible, as if behind a layer of thick of energy. The Spirit visitors included the Brother and Grand Father of the Circle Leader.

The Spirit Team were also able to ‘change’ the appearance of the Mediums’ hands by shrinking the size and altering the shape, in order for the Circle Leader to recognise their Mother in a way that is ‘personal’ to them.

The distinct smell of jasmine was also reported within the room. This scent was created by the Spirit Team, and again, evidenced the presence of  a Spirit visitor to the Circle Leader in a ‘personal’ way.

The Circle look forward to the next few weeks where we will be joined by our good friend from the Bristol Spirit Lodge!