Sitting with Gordon Garforth

Our Circle feels very privileged to have been invited to sit with Gordon Garforth, a Medium that works with ectoplasm in good red and green light, in his home circle.

The room that the seance was held in is the room regularly used by Gordon and his wife, and their sitters, and as such, the energy in the room was quite tangible – very warm and welcoming – just like Gordon and his circle sitters! The small room is a permanently ‘blacked out’ converted bedroom, furnished with just some chairs and a small table upon which a lamp fitted with a red light was sat, which provided a real ‘close up’ opportunity to watch the Spirit Team work.

During the course of the evening we were very blessed to be able to speak with some very prominent figures within the physical mediumship ‘scene’ who offered us all invaluable personal advice, as well as providing guidance for the Circle, and all sitters were offered the opportunity to receive hands on healing from a well known healer, now on Spirit side. This lovely, kind Spirit man has offered us all his help, should we ever require it, for which we are all very grateful.

We were also amazed to be able to witness several times, the physical elongation of Gordon’s hands and fingers, and all witnessed the very obvious thickness of his entire forearm change several times – something akin to that of Popeye! This was demonstrated at least twice during the evening, in both clear red and green light. We were also able to see the extrusion of ectoplasm from the mediums mouth, and were able to see a build up of the substance around the Mediums neck area.

As if we weren’t all amazed by witnessing all the above, towards the end of the sitting a small time was given to transfiguration to allow loved ones to come though and communicate. Several faces were thought to be recognised until the Grandfather of one of our party clearly transfigured over the medium, and was recognised instantly. Our party member was invited to approach the medium, and take the seat next to them whereby the transfigured Grandfather was then able to take their hand as they communicated. This was a very moving experience for both the sitter and Spirit person, who was slightly overwhelmed with the enabled physical communication with their Grandchild.

After the two hour seance ended, we waited for Gordon to come round, and we retired for tea and cake where we were able to chat about our experience, before setting off for home.

If you’re ever fortunate enough to be able to sit with Gordon, then we’d all thoroughly recommend it – this is what true, evidential physical mediumship is all about!



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