A possible healing…

A few days ago one of our regular sitters took a bit of a tumble outside the home of the medium, injuring their ankle. Thankfully no long term lasting damage was done, despite initial appearances, which looked somewhat rather dramatic! They managed to make it to the next sitting in which a healing seems to have taken place. Below is their report of what happened next:

“Following the fall in which I damaged my ankle, I am so pleased that I was able to attend a sitting several days later, which was also quite special as we had a visitor joining us that I was very much looking forward to meeting.

During the sitting my positioning had been adjusted slightly so that my leg could be raised on a second chair. I was nearest the door – we are still working to completely remove all light sources from small areas but as I was facing the door, I was aware of light which I think made it more difficult to focus on the cabinet area. Once the curtains had been opened I felt the energy more strongly and then whilst the Medium was facing me, I saw swirling pulsating lights in a circular pattern, very close to me. I still find it hard to find the words to describe what I see sometimes- it felt very much directed to my left eye. At this same time one of the other sitters mentioned seeing strong energy passing between myself and the Medium.

When the lights disappeared from my vision and the Medium turned towards the sitter next to me, I then felt some sensations across and around the leg of my injured ankle and foot, like a light touch of a finger, like somebody lightly drawing an ‘s’ in different places.

At no point during the sitting did I feel any pain at all, and, incredibly, when we had finished and I was walking to the kitchen downstairs I suddenly realised I could walk heel to toe, something I couldn’t have imagined before the sitting. I showed the Medium as I was so impressed.

I have revisited a clinic this morning and was directed to x-Ray with concerns given the swelling and immense bruising, that my ankle may be fractured. To my delight and the nurses surprise, there is no fracture. I am fairly confident that this is very much thanks to the help and healing of our friends in the spirit realm.”

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September 2018

After a frustratingly delayed return to the cabinet, our meetings have finally started up again, kicking off with a one-to-one sitting with the Medium and the Circle Leader. This wasn’t the intention of the Circle (this side of life!), but on reflection, it was much needed from Spirit Side – a gentle ease back into things to allow for our Circle to become firmly re-established after the passing of Travis back in July. However, this is not to say that a ‘quiet’ sitting was had, in fact, it was quite the opposite, with many well known Spirit friends popping in to say hello:

Our main Spirit communicator came forward soon after the customary two opening pieces of music had finished playing, and after saying hello, requested that the low red light was turned off. Soon after, the Circle Leader reported seeing shapes within a luminescent misty energy, that had formed in front of the cabinet.

The red light was then turned back on at Spirits request, and the cabinet curtains were opened, where after a succession of recognised Spirit visitors joined with the Medium to show their faces, over the face of the Medium, whose own facial features were not visible, as if behind a layer of thick of energy. The Spirit visitors included the Brother and Grand Father of the Circle Leader.

The Spirit Team were also able to ‘change’ the appearance of the Mediums’ hands by shrinking the size and altering the shape, in order for the Circle Leader to recognise their Mother in a way that is ‘personal’ to them.

The distinct smell of jasmine was also reported within the room. This scent was created by the Spirit Team, and again, evidenced the presence of  a Spirit visitor to the Circle Leader in a ‘personal’ way.

The Circle look forward to the next few weeks where we will be joined by our good friend from the Bristol Spirit Lodge!





July 2018

Well it’s been a long few weeks of scrubbing floor boards, painting and decorating, but the new home of the Circle is very nearly ready. The Circle have continued to meet at the ‘right time’ each week, and managed to have a ‘light’ sitting in the new space a few weeks ago.

There’s still a little more to do in the room before we have exactly as we need it, which mainly concerns the the ‘black out’ arrangement (always a fiddly job!), and the cabinet, which is mostly sorted bar the front curtain.

Whilst sorting the room, we have been reminded of the all the loveliness that has gone into its creation – We have a new trumpet! This has been hand made by very close friends and will now take its place in the room alongside the original, and much loved, trumpet of the Mercury Circle (Thank you xxx):


And we also have a new handmade light box! Although we haven’t met the lovely man (Terry Parry) who made it, we had lots of contact with his (also lovely) Granddaughter, who couldn’t have been more polite and helpful – thank you to you both!!


If you are in need of a light box for your Seance room (!) then I would not hesitate to recommend you get in touch with Terry at the following link:


June 2018 – Mercury Star on the move!

After several years of meeting in Haywards Heath, the Circle is moving to the home of the Medium. This move brings so many benefits, not just to the Medium, but to the energy available to the Spirit Team, as well as bringing peace of mind to the sitters who no longer have to worry about the Medium returning safely home after a seance!

So please bear with us whilst we pack up our bags and relocate – sittings should resume shortly!


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May 2018 – Voices of Spirit

The seance this week lasted approximately 1hour. This represents a shorter than normal sitting time. The seance was conducted in complete black out for the duration and music was played in the back ground.

During the sitting, healing was given by a regularly visiting Native American. He said the healing energy had been given from the universe. During his chanting, one sitter described seeing two shafts of lights emerging from the cabinet towards the sitter receiving the healing.

The sitter to which the healing was directed reported feeling a great sense of peace during and after the healing and felt that strain on their eyes (due to a period of intense period of work) had been eased. This sitter also reported feeling a boost of energy during the sitting after feeling very tired during the day.

Another sitter reported that their general day to day aches had been eased during this healing session and notes that they would usually feel uncomfortable after a sustained period of remaining still (which is often required in circle), but on this occasion, they felt comfortable to remain still throughout the sitting.

As the séance progressed, the sitters were asked for a further period of silence (for the length of two songs). Two sitters reported feeling a huge build up of energy in their hands during this time, likened to the feeling of an energy ball. This was realised after the sitting had finished when chatting about what had been experienced.

In addition to the healing that was given, several ‘new to the circle’ visitors made their presence known to the sitters. We’d like to present a small sample of these differing voices.

The following four voices that can be heard in these audio clips are presented/affected through the same singularly designated medium of the circle i.e. the same person*. Initially, coughing sounds, as the internal voice box is being constructed and then manipulated to produce the different voices, can be heard. The voices emerge from these sounds. Music is played in the back ground at this stage. The audio files are best listened to through head phones.

As the Medium is a developing Medium, they fully acknowledge that there is likely to be some degree of influence of their mind in these early stage communications, but they feel confident that there is enough Spirit content within these communications to validate the presence of Spirit, alongside the obvious voice change.

  • The Native American heard in this clip is not the healer as described above.


April 4th 2018

The sitting this week began in total darkness, and as usual, the sitters remained quiet for the first few songs, and then began to sing/hum along with the music.

After 15mins or so had passed, the sitters noted that they were experiencing spidery/tingly feelings, and light touches on their legs and faces, and that they were seeing blue and red shapes in front of them. They also reported seeing jellyfish type Spirit lights that appeared to float up to the ceiling, in the darkness.

After half an hour, our main Spirit communicator asked that the red light was turned on. Shortly after, another regular Spirt Team member asked the sitters what they could see. The conclusion was that nothing could be seen – a ‘blank canvas’.

Shortly after reaching this conclusion, shooting lines of energy could be seen emanating from the trumpet and the trumpet itself then began to change shape, appearing thinner, and then growing in size. Smokey energy then began to build in front of trumpet, which continued to spread over the floor, and a black, cloudy shadow could be seen coming towards one of the sitters from the trumpet. The same Spirit communicator then commented that the blank canvas was no longer blank, to which the sitters agreed!

After a further 10 minutes or so had passed, a light was seen ‘jumping’ around on floor, and dark shapes, and movements were reported from higher up. A light was seen to ‘leap’ up into the room in front of one of the sitters.

The room then went ‘dark’, and the main Spirit communicator requested that the light was turned off. Further red and blue energy and Spirit lights were seen in the black out. The energy in the room then felt thicker, and waves of energy was felt to be passing through the room.

Our main Spirit Communicator then requested that the red light was switched on again, and that the curtains were opened. After a short while, lots of sparkly energy was noted around the medium, particularly around the mediums ear, where a distinct flash of light was also seen.

The energy around the medium was reported to be too thick to see the face of the medium for much of this time, and although changes to the face of the medium were noted, the changes were either too rapid or not stable enough to allow any one particular face to be recognised (assuming that’s what was trying to be done).

The main communicator came to close the sitting after approximately 1.5hrs, and apologised for the prolonged periods of silence throughout the sitting. They explained that the Spirit Team were currently working on adjusting the depth of trance that the medium was in, and that during this time, it would be quieter than normal.



Photographing Spirit – March #3

Our sitting this week was a little different to our regular meetings. For the first time, we attempted to photograph the medium whilst transfiguration was occurring. This was done under the complete direction of the Spirit team. The camera (digital) was switched into a manual mode with the flash turned off, and set upon a tripod, aimed at the cabinet/medium, and was located within reach of the sitters. The sitting began in complete black out and lasted approximately 1.5hrs.

Tangible excitement was felt in the séance room before the sitting began, and this excitement was communicated by the various Spirit people that spoke to us.

Communication with our main Spirit Guide began after 5 minutes or so. After several further minutes, various other regular personalities made themselves known.  After the initial rush of excited visitors passed, our main communicator began to direct the photography experiment which began with a series of test shots, taken in the complete darkness.

It was noted that the shutter speed varied between these initial test shots – the 2nd photograph taking longer, although the conditions were not at all altered by the sitters. These photographs revealed a ‘static’ like effect. The second photograph, with the much longer shutter speed time, potentially revealed a ‘face’ within this static blur.

The sitters were then asked to turn off the camera, and sing along to the music, and report any changes to the energy that they felt in this time.

Soon after, the energy was reported to feel ‘light and clear’, and a ‘movement’ within the darkness was noticed. Darker patches within the (already 100% blacked out) room were noticed by all sitters. Cold patches were also noted by the sitters on their knees and shoulders.

Spirit requested that the camera be switched on again, and subsequently directed a series of shots. Again, varying shutter speeds were noticed.

Spirit then requested that the red light was to be turned on, although aimed away from the cabinet, and conversation then followed with two ‘known to the Circle’ visitors. The sitters were then directed to adjust the light, and to open the cabinet curtains.

Energy was seen emanating from the mediums head area, which appeared to come out of the cabinet towards the sitters, and which then filled the whole room. The energy was described as ‘half fluffy’ and ‘half liquid’. Bright energy was noted at the top of head of the medium and their skin appeared illuminated with bright white energy. Energy then appeared to engulf the medium and extend beyond the cabinet, reaching the walls of the room, and within it, movement and flashes were seen.

The next photographed was requested after a count down of ten seconds. Transfiguration of the mediums’ face was occurring at this time, although face was not recognised. Energy was also reported coming out of the mediums ear.

This process was repeated several times over, with the sitters reporting different facial features each time, such as the appearance of old fashioned, large rimmed glasses; the appearance of a very elegant face with a very long, thin neck, and the face of a passed loved one being confidently recognised by one of the sitters.

The Spirit team then advised that the light could be brought more forwards, towards the medium. Further faces were recognised, including that of a relative of one of the sitters, as well as two more well-known personalities, as well as several other unrecognised, but distinctive faces, which again included features such as moustaches, which the medium does not have. Changes to the mediums hands were also noted during this time, which were seen to shrink and increase in size and thickness, and yellow and blue coloured energy was noted.

The sitting was drawn to a close by our main Spirit communicator, who thanked us for the opportunity to experiment in this way.

Approximately 70 photos were taken during this experimental sitting. The changes that were seen during the séances have been noted in some of the photographs, but only in a subtle way, and we do not feel that they would stand up to public scrutiny at this stage.

We have learnt that the camera needs to be ‘zoomed’ in more to the medium to allow for clearer images, and that the back ground to the medium needs to be kept clear to avoid misinterpretation and uncertainty of what is being seen in the photographs.

However, we can see changes to the face and hand areas of the medium in the photograph, which indicate favourably that with a bit more trial and error, we may indeed be able to really capture all that is being described, and more, in this short report.

If you have any experience of photographing ‘energy’ in séance conditions, then we’d love to hear from you – any tips/advice would be much appreciated – thank you!

…several photographs from this sitting to follow.

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