A possible healing…

A few days ago one of our regular sitters took a bit of a tumble outside the home of the medium, injuring their ankle. Thankfully no long term lasting damage was done, despite initial appearances, which looked somewhat rather dramatic! They managed to make it to the next sitting in which a healing seems to have taken place. Below is their report of what happened next:

“Following the fall in which I damaged my ankle, I am so pleased that I was able to attend a sitting several days later, which was also quite special as we had a visitor joining us that I was very much looking forward to meeting.

During the sitting my positioning had been adjusted slightly so that my leg could be raised on a second chair. I was nearest the door – we are still working to completely remove all light sources from small areas but as I was facing the door, I was aware of light which I think made it more difficult to focus on the cabinet area. Once the curtains had been opened I felt the energy more strongly and then whilst the Medium was facing me, I saw swirling pulsating lights in a circular pattern, very close to me. I still find it hard to find the words to describe what I see sometimes- it felt very much directed to my left eye. At this same time one of the other sitters mentioned seeing strong energy passing between myself and the Medium.

When the lights disappeared from my vision and the Medium turned towards the sitter next to me, I then felt some sensations across and around the leg of my injured ankle and foot, like a light touch of a finger, like somebody lightly drawing an ‘s’ in different places.

At no point during the sitting did I feel any pain at all, and, incredibly, when we had finished and I was walking to the kitchen downstairs I suddenly realised I could walk heel to toe, something I couldn’t have imagined before the sitting. I showed the Medium as I was so impressed.

I have revisited a clinic this morning and was directed to x-Ray with concerns given the swelling and immense bruising, that my ankle may be fractured. To my delight and the nurses surprise, there is no fracture. I am fairly confident that this is very much thanks to the help and healing of our friends in the spirit realm.”

pure white light

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