July 2018

Well it’s been a long few weeks of scrubbing floor boards, painting and decorating, but the new home of the Circle is very nearly ready. The Circle have continued to meet at the ‘right time’ each week, and managed to have a ‘light’ sitting in the new space a few weeks ago.

There’s still a little more to do in the room before we have exactly as we need it, which mainly concerns the the ‘black out’ arrangement (always a fiddly job!), and the cabinet, which is mostly sorted bar the front curtain.

Whilst sorting the room, we have been reminded of the all the loveliness that has gone into its creation – We have a new trumpet! This has been hand made by very close friends and will now take its place in the room alongside the original, and much loved, trumpet of the Mercury Circle (Thank you xxx):


And we also have a new handmade light box! Although we haven’t met the lovely man (Terry Parry) who made it, we had lots of contact with his (also lovely) Granddaughter, who couldn’t have been more polite and helpful – thank you to you both!!


If you are in need of a light box for your Seance room (!) then I would not hesitate to recommend you get in touch with Terry at the following link:



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