April 4th 2018

The sitting this week began in total darkness, and as usual, the sitters remained quiet for the first few songs, and then began to sing/hum along with the music.

After 15mins or so had passed, the sitters noted that they were experiencing spidery/tingly feelings, and light touches on their legs and faces, and that they were seeing blue and red shapes in front of them. They also reported seeing jellyfish type Spirit lights that appeared to float up to the ceiling, in the darkness.

After half an hour, our main Spirit communicator asked that the red light was turned on. Shortly after, another regular Spirt Team member asked the sitters what they could see. The conclusion was that nothing could be seen – a ‘blank canvas’.

Shortly after reaching this conclusion, shooting lines of energy could be seen emanating from the trumpet and the trumpet itself then began to change shape, appearing thinner, and then growing in size. Smokey energy then began to build in front of trumpet, which continued to spread over the floor, and a black, cloudy shadow could be seen coming towards one of the sitters from the trumpet. The same Spirit communicator then commented that the blank canvas was no longer blank, to which the sitters agreed!

After a further 10 minutes or so had passed, a light was seen ‘jumping’ around on floor, and dark shapes, and movements were reported from higher up. A light was seen to ‘leap’ up into the room in front of one of the sitters.

The room then went ‘dark’, and the main Spirit communicator requested that the light was turned off. Further red and blue energy and Spirit lights were seen in the black out. The energy in the room then felt thicker, and waves of energy was felt to be passing through the room.

Our main Spirit Communicator then requested that the red light was switched on again, and that the curtains were opened. After a short while, lots of sparkly energy was noted around the medium, particularly around the mediums ear, where a distinct flash of light was also seen.

The energy around the medium was reported to be too thick to see the face of the medium for much of this time, and although changes to the face of the medium were noted, the changes were either too rapid or not stable enough to allow any one particular face to be recognised (assuming that’s what was trying to be done).

The main communicator came to close the sitting after approximately 1.5hrs, and apologised for the prolonged periods of silence throughout the sitting. They explained that the Spirit Team were currently working on adjusting the depth of trance that the medium was in, and that during this time, it would be quieter than normal.



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